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As an owner or investor working with HomeRiver Group Kansas City, you’ve come to expect the best property management services in Kansas City and the surrounding area. If you have any questions or concerns, we’d like to address them right away. Please contact us and tell us how we can make this experience better for you.

We’ve gathered some information here that owners like you are often looking for.


We are accessible and available. You can contact any property manager or staff member on their direct line, or send an email message. You’ll hear from us every month through your statement, and we’ll contact you immediately if any of the following things are happening:

  • Eviction notices are served
  • Applications are approved
  • Notice to Vacate is received from tenants
  • Lease renewals
  • Out-of-the-ordinary maintenance needs

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Laws and Liability

You cannot enter your property once it’s leased to a tenant. We only enter if there’s an emergency or if we give the tenant 24 hours written notice. Leave your tenant to enjoy the home in peace and to protect their privacy; if you’re worried about the condition of the home or a potential lease violation, we’ll schedule an inspection and report back to you.

Evictions are rare because of our extensive tenant screening process. However, if we need to remove a tenant from your property, we’ll handle everything from serving notices to attending hearings. We also offer a unique eviction protection plan to our owners, which is a low-cost way to ensure you don’t have to pay to remove a bad tenant. Most evictions cost between $600 and $2,000, so it’s valuable protection to have.

We hold all security deposits in a separate escrow fund. That money is not touched until a tenant has moved out and we have either returned it or applied it to the damages that were left behind. We send the tenant a detailed description of how their deposit was applied within the time-frame allowed by law.

Owner Statements

On your monthly owner statement, you’ll see a clear and transparent accounting of the rent that was collected and the expenses that were paid. If you have questions about what you see, contact us.

Maintenance and Repairs

Your lease will specifically list the maintenance items for which the tenant is responsible, as well as those things that we will handle on your behalf. Our focus on preventative maintenance keeps your costs down, your tenants happy, and the condition of your property preserved.